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ABW Construction is a leading installer of many moisture mitigation systems and several engineered cement products.  Our highly trained crews are familiar with all aspects of concrete leveling, moisture mitigation, mechanical cleaning, designer concrete surfaces and much more.  We also provide concrete survey services and moisture testing services.  We are known for our equipment, efficiency and affordability.  Our state of the art equipment allows us to bring a new, proven method of finishing concrete to the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  A brief description of the process and its benfits is outlined below.

A Better Way to finish concrete…

Concrete Finishing: Concrete is placed but not “finished”. Bull float only. Do not apply sealers or curing compounds. Water cure only if possible.

Mechanically Clean: Following placement and initial cure, the surface is shotblasted and cleaned thoroughly to remove laitance, contamination and to provide a profile for epoxy and cement.

Survey Slab: A survey is then conducted to identify the existing deflection of the concrete and to determine the volume of self leveling cement needed to achieve specified FF/FL numbers or flatness requirements outlined in divisions 3 and 9 of the construction documents. This process is performed with consideration of floor finish elevations and weight restrictions/allowances outlined by the project’s engineer.

Moisture Mitigation (only when necessary): Execute the layout necessary to set  grade based on our survey results. Apply single coat, 100% solids epoxy moisture mitigation system.

Self Leveling Cement: Once the epoxy or primer is cured, grade pins are set and the self leveling cement is pumped over the floor. This process achieves an extremely flat surface, provides a porous surface required  of flooring adhesives, and encapsulates the moisture barrier (when present) providing protection from remaining construction activity and potential future tenant improvement projects.


Predictable: Impact to schedule is up front and minimal. No costly change orders and/or schedule  impacts typically caused by uneven, wet floors when discovered at the time of finished floor installation.

Cost Savings: The  customer is able to save on traditional finishing labor as it is no longer required. Concrete can be placed without consideration for finishing. This can allow for placing more  concrete per shift with far less labor required.   

OT: The overtime costs typically associated with concrete finishing labor is a thing of the past

PUMPING: The self leveling cement can be delivered at a rate of 12-15 tons per hour depending on distance from the pump truck and up to 50 stories high.


"We recognize that technology and products in our industry are always changing and we must update our processes and techniques on a regular basis.”

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