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For many years concrete moisture vapor and uneven concrete surfaces have been cause for untimely and costly change orders on commercial construction projects. Years of experience have revealed both issues now, are predictable and preventable when given consideration in the preconstruction phase of most projects.

The combination of “environmentally friendly” flooring materials, advanced concrete and steel construction methods make it difficult to satisfy traditional Division 3 and Division 9 specifications. We can typically predict excessive moisture emissions and flatness issues to arise when sheet vinyl, linoleum, rubber, hardwood and ceramic tile floors are specified on a fast track project. Additionally, when these products are selected as a finish product in buildings comprised of “slab on metal deck” or “post tensioned” concrete, flatness also becomes a familiar problem. In short, these products and construction methods make moisture and flatness issues a foreseeable circumstance requiring the same planning as any other trade on a major construction site.

ABW Construction recognizes the challenge the industry faces when addressing these issues and strives to reduce the cost impact to your project. When possible, we encourage a proactive approach, eliminating concern for moisture emissions and concrete flatness by implementing a new method of finishing concrete.

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"We recognize that technology and products in our industry are always changing and we must update our processes and techniques on a regular basis.”

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